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Address Tyachiv, street Pushkin
Start of construction 2020
Completion of construction 2021
Price m2 from 800 $
Parking Underground parking
Sections 2
Floors 7
To the city center 0 км

Benefits of an apartment complex

 Advantages of a residential complex

 Sky Towers is a large-scale project started in 2020 in the center of Tyachiv, 30 Pushkin Street, which combines functionality and aesthetics.


   The complex consists of a residential building and a shopping and office center on the opposite side of the projected driveway between Pushkin and Independence streets.


   The residential building is a monolithic-frame 7-storey comfort class building with commercial premises on the 1st floor and residential apartments on 2-7 floors.


   There is a separated outdoor area on the territory of the complex consisting of playgrounds for sports, recreation for adults and children's games. There is also projected underground parking and ground parking spaces for the residents or guests.

   All elements and materials in living quarters meet international requirements and are made according to the project of the best design decisions.

   Among the advantages should be noted:

  - Sound isolation of the walls between the apartments, which is a very expensive option, thanks to which your apartment will always be quiet and cozy;

  - Modern elevators are designed in the new building for your convenience, which will be especially appreciated by residents and guests of the upper floors;

  - The whole territory of the complex is equipped with a modern and high-quality video surveillance system;

  - Underground parking, which will save your car at any time of year and allow you to maintain a good mood and attractive appearance in different weather conditions;

  - Possibility of free planning that will allow to change planning to the taste or to order it at once at a construction stage for uniqueness of your apartment;

  - Spacious terraces and cozy balconies, which are equipped with each of our apartments;

  - Built-in heated floor of the entire area of apartments.


   And the most important thing in Sky Towers is the location, because living in the center of Tyachiv you have minute access to the market, shops, cafes, educational institutions, medicine, sports and entertainment facilities.


   For more information on the proposals, see the "Apartments" section.


Planning Floor Rooms Readiness Date of delivery Area Price m2 Total cost
1.01 2 1 Is built 2021 29 820 23,780
1.02 2 1 Is built 2021 42 820 34,440
1.03 2 3 Is built 2021 91 800 72,800
1.04 2 2 Is built 2021 62 800 49,600
1.05 2 2 Is built 2021 62 800 49,600
1.06 2 2 Is built 2021 83 800 66,400
1.07 2 1 Is built 2021 44 820 36,080
1.08 2 2 Is built 2021 64 800 51,200
1.09 6 2 Is built 2021 78 1,000 78,000
1.10 6 2 Is built 2021 89 1,000 89,000

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